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Create ENchantingly beautiful skin with PDO Threads

PDO Threads in Hampstead are one of the most effective ways to achieve younger-looking skin without spending a fortune on surgery. Similar to the effects of a facelift, this treatment helps combat skin laxity by lifting the loose skin in the face, neck, and body. At Enhance Wellness & MedSpa, our team utilizes this proven treatment to help patients achieve a rejuvenated "V-Shape" look in your face.

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Procedure Length

60-80 mins.

Recovery Time

1-3 days

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What to expect



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Contact our Hampstead office and schedule a consultation with our team! During your consultation, our team will work with you to discuss your individual treatment goals and develop a plan that’s custom-made for your needs.




Before your treatment, our providers will place you in a comfortable treatment room and mark the areas for insertion in your face or neck. The most common treatment areas are the jawline, jowls, eyes, and cheeks. The treatment itself is minimally invasive, and our providers will provide a local anesthetic to avoid any potential discomfort.


Lifting your skin.


For your PDO Thread treatment in Hampstead, your provider will start by making small incisions in the treatment areas. A device called a cannula is then inserted into the skin. The cannula allows our team to anchor the thread into place. We then pull out the cannula and ensure that the thread is secure. The number of threads needed for the procedure will depend on your individual treatment plan.

In total, the process takes less than an hour to complete and only one treatment is needed! The micro-injuries created in your skin will allow for the production of collagen to take place over the coming months.


Patients visiting our office in Hampstead will notice firmer skin almost immediately after their initial PDO Thread treatment. Patients will experience the full benefits about 6 months after their treatments, with results lasting well over one year! An added benefit of getting PDO threads in Hampstead is that there's minimal downtime, meaning patients can resume most daily activities immediately following their procedure.


Frequently Asked


Do PDO Threads hurt?

Some patients do experience mild discomfort during their PDO Thread treatments in Hampstead. Your provider will apply a local anesthetic to help minimize any pain.

Are there any side effects to PDO Threads?

Some initial bruising or swelling is common 24 to 48 hours after a PDO Thread procedure. Patients with thinner skin might also have some visible sutures following treatment. If your treatment area becomes infected, we advise that you seek medical help immediately.

How many treatments are needed?

Patients will only need one PDO Thread treatment to experience results! The effects will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years in total. 

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