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There are plenty of different ways Enhance Wellness & MedSpa's IV Therapy in Hampstead can work for you. Whether you need support after a tough workout, went a little crazy at the bar, or just want a boost of energy, our team offers a number of different infusions to help you feel your best!

Using scientifically proven combinations, just one hour with our IV Therapy team will leave you feeling better all day long. From immune system support and skin support to training recovery, IV Therapy is an effective way to get back to optimal wellness.

Procedure Length

60 mins.

Recovery Time


# of Treatments




Types of IV Therapy

The Hydrate One

It can be tough to stay hydrated. This drip is great for post stomach bugs, before or after a night out, or anytime you are feeling a little dry. If you are feeling dehydrated and fatigued “The Hydrate One” is sure to get you perked back up.

The Hangover One

Did you overdo it last night? This is the sauce for you. With electrolytes, B vitamins, and the option to add headache and/or anti-nausea meds, we have got you covered.

The Immune One

Now more than ever, we need to support our immune system. Whether it is COVID, flu season, back to school, or travel, we recommend this infusion weekly. We include a free high dose of B12 to give you some post-infusion energy.

Offered Weekly and/or Monthly


The Beauty One

This infusion is designed to make your skin glow, and your hair and nails grow. Includes Vit C, B complex, Biotin, and Glutathione

Offered Weekly and/or Monthly

The Myers One

Nutrient IV Therapy has many uses. From asthma to migraines, to fatigue; The Myers cocktail may be your answer. If you are feeling run down, or just not feeling yourself lately, you need to try this one. This drip includes Vit C, B Complex, Magnesium, and Calcium. Dr. Myers started it all in the 1980s and his cocktail has been infused millions of times since.

The Recover One

Whether you are an athlete training for a marathon, or just sore after a new exercise routine, you gotta try the Recover One. This drip is guaranteed to repair muscle and boost antioxidants. Your body is your vehicle-give it premium fuel to repair to meet your workout goals.

What to expect



Schedule your consultation.


Schedule a consultation at our office in Hampstead either online or over the phone, and we’ll work with you individually to develop an effective IV Therapy treatment plan designed specifically for you! This is needed to ensure that all potential risks and side effects are accounted for.


The treatment.


Choosing from one of six possible combinations, our staff will inject a needle attached to a small tube into one of your arm veins and administer the IV bag. The solution will be tailored specifically for you, and the medication will then drip into the bloodstream slowly. The length of the process depends on your combination, but you can generally expect this to last about 45 minutes to an hour.


Feel recovered.


There is no downtime associated with your IV Therapy in Hampstead. Once you leave, you should notice immediate improvements in your overall wellness and energy!


Different combinations will bring different outcomes when it comes to IV Therapy. However, because the solution is going directly into your bloodstream, you should notice improvements immediately after treatment


Frequently Asked


Does IV Therapy hurt?

IV Therapy does involve injecting a needle to your arm vein. However, our staff at Hampstead can provide a numbing agent to reduce any pain you'll feel in the arm.

Are there any side effects?

Potential side effects include nausea, weakness, dizziness, and more. If more severe side effects occur, such as shortness of breath or infection, please contact a medical professional.

What types of combinations do you offer?

IV Therapy at Enhance Wellness & MedSpa in Hampstead can be used to support hydration, fight hangovers, support your immune system, recover from training, increase skin glow, and boost energy!

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Every person is perfect the way they are. But sometimes, we could all use a little boost to our confidence, health, or overall well-being.

At Enhance Wellness & MedSpa in Hampstead, our mission is to help our patients in the Hampstead area, including Topsail and Wilmington, bring out the best in themselves!

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"Came in for strep, hardly any wait time - SUPER friendly staff. Was on my way to another urgent care and we happen to see it and came in. Very nice lobby area - small but sweet place. Waiting for results now in the office but will update if anything changes - best experience I've had at an urgent care."

Austin McClellan

“I'm so happy to have found someone we can rely on to take care of our family... Thank you!


"It's very rare to find a medical staff this friendly... Thank you for looking after my health!"

Justin Dupree

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