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A state-of-the-art treatment with incredible precision, Lumecca IPL provides patients with smooth, glowing skin that lasts! In just 1 to 3 sessions with the staff at Enhance Wellness & Medspa at Hampstead, patients will experience noticeable skin rejuvenation results that leave them feeling refreshed and confident

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Procedure Length

20-30 mins.

Recovery Time


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What to expect



Schedule a Consultation and Follow Pre-Treatment Instructions.


During your consultation at our Hampstead office, we’ll discuss all of your goals and needs in order to develop a specifically tailored treatment plan. If you’re a good candidate for Lumecca IPL, we’ll move on to the next steps and plan out any dates and times for treatment! In order to ensure the best results from Lumecca IPL treatments, please avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning one month prior to treatment.




Before we begin, our staff will ensure your comfort in a clean, cozy treatment room at our Hampstead office. From there, we’ll clean and prep the treatment area and apply a cooling gel upon request. No anesthesia is needed during the treatment.




The treatment itself lasts about 30-60 minutes with little to no discomfort throughout! During the treatment, our providers will direct beams of high-energy light pulses to the treatment area using a handheld wand. This wand also features a sapphire tip that can be gently guided along the skin for a cooling effect. Patients often describe the sensation as a rubber band being flicked onto the skin.


In order to experience the full benefits of Lumecca IPL, patients will need roughly 1 to 3  treatments in our Hampstead office. Immediately after treatment, you'll notice dark spots in the specific area you were treated. These spots will fade within 2 weeks or less! Once you finish your treatments, you'll notice clearing skin and improvements to your age and sun spots, freckles, rosacea, and more.


Frequently Asked


When will I see results from IPL treatments?

You'll notice the effects of our IPLtreatments in Hampstead almost right away! You'll start to notice your optimal results within 1 to 2 weeks following treatment

Is there any downtime associated with IPL?

Nope! You can continue your daily life as normal after treatments. The most important thing is to avoid direct sunlight and tanning immediately after treatment

Are there any side effects?

Any skin reactions caused by Lummeca IPL generally fade within a few hours. If you experience any pain or unusual symptoms, contact a medical professional immediately.

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