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ENsuring a long-lasting youthful appearance

Our skin changes as we age, and smile lines, sagging skin, volume loss are all common issues that come with it. FIllers from Enhance Wellness & MedSpa, in Hampstead, can help you fight these early aging signs by lifting the skin and enhancing volume. The end result is a younger, more refreshed look without lines, scars, or wrinkles! Fight these signs of aging by plumping and lifting the skin.

A natural part of getting older is the noticeable wear on your skin, such as smile lines, sagging skin, and more. Dermal FIllers from Enhance Wellness & Medspa fight these signs of aging by plumping and lifting the skin. This process give you a more full, rejuvenated look free of lines, wrinkles, and scars!

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Procedure Length

30-45 mins.

Recovery Time

1-3 days (swelling)

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What to expect



Schedule your consultation.


Take some time to discuss your individual needs and goals at our Hampstead office, and we’ll help develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you! During this time, we’ll cover all of the dermal filler options available to you, as well as the specific areas you’re looking to treat.


The treatment.


In the span of roughly 30 to 45 minutes, our injectors will perform treatment in a variety of different areas on the skin. This includes the lips and other areas of midface, and jawline.  Our injectors will start by marking the appropriate injection spots, cleaning them, and applying a numbing agent or local anesthetic. Once that’s complete the actual injection takes only a few minutes!




Patients can continue with their normal daily activities after treatment, but you should avoid exercise and intense activity for roughly 24 to 48 hours. This will help minimize any swelling or bruising.


A major benefit of fillers is how long they last! Depending on location and the type of filler you use, patients can experience results that last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years! You might experience noticeable skin improvements immediately after, but the full effects will be even more noticeable within the span of a few weeks.


Frequently Asked


Do dermal fillers hurt?

Even though dermal fillers aren't pain-free, many patients describe treatments as tolerable. We'll apply a numbing agent or local anesthetic to help fight any pain sensation.

What concerns can you treat with fillers?

Dermal fillers can treat a variety of concerns on the face, including wrinkles, scars, thin lips, creases, contour deformities, and more!

What types of dermal fillers do you have?

Enhance Wellness & MedSpa is proud to offer all of the following dermal fillers to our patients in the Hampstead/Topsail/Wilmington area: Restylane Lyft Defyne Refyne Restalyne L Juvaderm Ultra Ultra Plus Vollure Voluma Volbella

Is this treatment natural?

Yes! Each dermal filler we use is made from substances and compounds that are found naturally in the body. One of the most common is hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin stay hydrated and full of volume.

Are there any side effects after fillers?

Patients may experience swelling or bruising immediately after fillers. These can easily be treated with a cold compress! If you experience more severe symptoms or side effects such as a rash or infection, call a medical professional immediately.

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